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I used to be a developer, long time ago I decided to start a whole different page in my life but it brought me back to web dev.

the reason I gave up on programming in general is simple, it started to transform into an abomination of some kind.

an example would be this massive amalgamation of frameworks, "packages", package managers and so on.

Frameworks, all do the same thing in a the most terrible way it could possibly do it. DI containers with massive constructors... constructing objects where you won't even need them.

Package managers with uncontrolled flow of shitcode that people blindly embed in to their software and call it a day!

Most of the products I came across while searching for a solution were just as bad as I would make it, I understand, today we need software solutions by "yestarday", and basically it is one of the reasons I had to do it all my self and jump back in to this hell. But cant we do a bit better ?

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    Yes, development can be difficult, especially web development. The truth is that we make it more difficult for ourselves.
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    Let me get this straight. You quit development because there's tons of idiotic simpleton developers out there making shitty code and you're capable of writing good code but refuse to capitalize on that and instead decided everything is bad and not worth your time?
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    @kaiuri can you give a link or small example of what you mean by forbidden? I'm genuinely interested to read more.
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    @Hazarth oh no:0 I just found smth I can do better. but this better thing forced me to go and make an automation controller with web interface and it freaks me out.

    basically I run a furniture factory and these days I try to automate everything, and all this automation needs some kind of an HMI. Available solutions on the market are also bloated and require a ton of configuration (not free) to make it work.
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