How much of mentoring should I expect as a junior dev? 4 weeks in this job. I get assigned a ticket, tryhard for 3-4 days on it only for my implementation to be replaced by a mid/senior with another broken solution with new bugs which I dont even know how to debug. They are not even in the office, I have to call them and mentoring that I get is max 30min a week. Is that normal? I expected at least 30min a day mentoring. I feel that I cant grow here as fast as I would want to. If I wanted to waste my time on digging through dozens of articles to learn what senior could tell me in 10 minutes, I wouldnt have accepted this job.

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    That’s exactly how it works. You need to learn and you learn better if you find your solution by yourself. Only if you really don’t know better then ask. That way we learned how to code. Tbf 30 min per day is nice than you could ask your questions or get feedback for your code.
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    @preezer only feedback I get is when I submit a merge request. My seniors are not even in the office. I have to force call them and I make myself to do it only once a week just to get an overcomplicated explanation from them. Its frustrating.
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    Sounds like a dysfunctional team, if it's a team at all. If you can't get anyone to join you in working on it, there's no teamwork. Of course it also shouldn't go to the point where they do it while you watch. But they should give you enough hints that you can do it even if it's all clear to them.
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    @electrineer tomorrow im asking my manager to get transferred to another team that has a wonderful senior whos in house everyday and already answers half of my questions anyway
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    When we get a nee dev they get a lot more than 30 min a day in the beginning to quickly get them up and running as fast as possible.

    And no one EVER replaced someone else’s code without going over why unless its at least many months old.

    Sure there might be reasons the original solution was not going to work, but then we need the dev who built it to understand why and preferably make the changes since they are most likely going to maintain it.

    Code reviews are not so seniors can fix or change things but so they can help educate juniors, and that is going both ways so juniors are expected to code review senior code also.
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    @Voxera Have nothing against code reviews. Roast my code. Throw my code out. But dont replace it with your broken code that I need to spend 2 days debugging because you cant schedule a 30min call with me in order to fix it...

    About mentoring - my manager helped me first 2 days to setup, network with key people and get access. Since then he dropped the ball and disappeared for a month. Im pissed. Looks like he didnt even inform my team about mentoring me.
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    I think you are confusing Onboarding, And Mentoring.
    Onboarding is your first few weeks in a company, and thats including the whole "heres your laptop, this is your password, sign these docs" basics. after that comes the first few tasks that you are paired to a mid/senior and code them together.
    Mentoring is a long term process, where a Senior/Manager works with you on how to work with people and code across team boundries.
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    @magicMirror my onboarding was done after first week. Next 3 weeks I worked directly with tasks because I asked to be assigned to a team. This is where mentoring needed to happen but didnt.
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    @zemaitis mentoring should end when your the top dog dev who’s taken over mentoring :)
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