Any recommendations for a first timer of functional programming? Not sure what languages are used the most or have the most community support. For whatever it's worth, I've enjoyed working with C# and Golang, and disliked working with JS and PHP.

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    No experience to show for, but if you like C# and the .NET eco system go for F#.

    That's all I've got.
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    functional programming isn't as much about the language as it is about how you use it. you can write pretty functional code in c#.

    but coming from c#, i think f# is the logical next step - the languages are "siblings", speaking metaphorically, and staying in a known framework might help - and you can integrate both languages in the same solution
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    I’ve heard a lot of people like F# but I prefer Object-oriented programming.
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    @catgirldev why do people think that you have to pick either functional or object oriented? You can and should do both.
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    @Lensflare That is why I said C++
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