What are some great advices given to you by your senior or mentor?

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    "keep your mouth shut and don't speak unless spoken to." -- my Sr the first time I was joining a meeting with executive leadership.
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    - "Quality" means nothing unless you define it.
    - If you deliver on time with defects, you have not delivered on time.
    - When a metric becomes a target, it's no longer good for measuring.
    - Leadership is building people and bringing them to the next level.
    - Firefighting must be the exception, not the norm.
    - How can you change someone else's mind of you don't know where their mind is?
    - You always are where you need to be to reach your next level.
    - You assume too much.
    - When you talk too much you have no opportunity for listening.


    Fucking legend. 🏆
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    @gosubinit > "Leadership is building people and bringing them to the next level."

    I want to buy his book.
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    Not an exact quote, or from a specific/mentor leader (all the good ones follow this pattern)

    Put people first. Whether it be code, building a house, shoveling a walk, put yourself in their shoes and treat people the same way you would like to be treated. aka..the Golden Rule.

    Respect is free.

    Don't shit where you eat (dating advice).
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    @true-dev001 hell no. I instantly became the executive favorite though.

    Not because I was smart either, but because I was dumb enough to give them what they were asking for regardless of if it was what they *needed*.

    I learned. Now I keep fucking mouth shut, and I tell it to all my mentorships as well.
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    - It's a marathon, not a sprint.

    - There's always more work the next day.

    - You set the bar for expectations. If you leave 5pm every day and your colleague works late regularly - the boss will subconsciously tend to give extra work to your colleague because "he can handle it, he's used to it"

    Yeah I had a slacker mentor but it was great because many juniors take on too much work.
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