As a tech lead i sometimes find it very hard to defend developers for no fault of theirs.

Management is completely incapable of noticing hard data like git logs or action items updated on an excel and seems to have an idea that the devs are incompetent , but the ba that sets impossible goals and crap business documentation is competent.

Should i just let the project and juniors burn.

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    Project yes, juniors no
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    No, as a tech lead, you take on the responsibilities to manage the lower tier devs. If you wanna quit because the project sucks you can. But if you want to be a good tech lead, let the juniors know, no cap, what's wrong with the project and that it's not their fault.

    fuck management. Look out for number one first, second is family and third is everyone you like personally. Everyone else can burn in hell
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    Found nee company, take juniors with you.
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