I hate corporate America devs that say “connect with you later today” like the fuck u think I am? A USB port?

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    When we're on the topic of being irrationally annoyed by common language constructs:

    I hate when someone says on the phone: "This is he". Like in:

    - "Hello"

    - "Hi, can I speak to Darren?"

    - "This is he"

    I have no idea why this one annoys me so much. Everything is better. You could say "Speaking" or "That's me" or even "On the phone". But I just cannot stand "This is he".

    But "connect with you later", that one I actually like.

    Irrational dislike, I guess.
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    @TheCommoner282 this he would piss me off too. It just sounds weird.

    “This is him” is ok. Or the others you listed
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    Let's do lunch. ;-)
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    In here at UK nine tech guys normally says "oh can I touch base with you on bla bla"

    Well there ain't any base here if there was I wouldn't even dream of letting you touch it .. get the fuck out of my way...
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    @Demolishun Sounds like you're doing lunch without consent
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    @ScriptCoded I didn't say, lets have taco.
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    Answer "Sure, I will dock into you later."
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    @electrineer This just ruined my childhood: "What's up doc?!"
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    What about "Let's sync today"? Bitch, do you think I'm iTunes or something?
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    “I will sync with you off line”, with what?? Ethernet cable?
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    Hast du etwas Zeit für mich?

    Translation: Do you have some time for me?

    In german it's one line of the songtext 99 red balloons / Nena...

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    What about brain dump?
    As in, let's get together to get your brain dump from the trip
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    @Frederick I'm sending a couple of Swiss' to Denmark in 10 minutes. Watch out >:)
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    @Frederick You... You know there is a bridge, right?
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    @Frederick Tbh, I wouldn't mind seeing it gone 😳 Just let the Swiss pass!
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    Hmm maybe after some beers and something to eat … oh wait!
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    @TheCommoner282 every one knows it should be "it is I, Leclerc"
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    Yeah I want to pick your brain a little bit on the new pull request from a standpoint perspective, I think it needs more synergy.
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    @shitbrains ooohhh my god I wanna punch a hole in the drywall rn
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    @darrenrahnemoon what’s your timeline on the drywall fix? Don’t forget to iron out the details of the best practices moving forward. Do you have the bandwidth to circle back in 72 minutes? PM wants the report on their desk by 2.
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