"Okay sales guy, please keep in mind, this is just a PoC. Do not sell it yet." ...and it is sold.

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    Yeah, thats why I hate doing mockups -
    sales will _never_ understand that it's not ready to ship when they "can see it"

    - (dev) "We need 4more months"
    - (sales) "Why? Cant you just wrap up what we have now?"
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    @JohanO That's how I imagine internal EA meetings.
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    Or when sales promises un-spec'd features to a new account. 💩
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    I don't think I could possibly put any more "concept" watermarks on shit I am forced to show CEO/sales.
    Then it's, "we need it now!, the client is angry we don't have it"... ummmm why the fuck did you sell it?!!!
    Every mother fucking time!
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    😂😂😂 many times!
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