The WP Gutenberg editor is really amazing. Clients can now fuck up their websites with much less effort. So yeah, IT IS FASTER.

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    I've replaced it on all websites. It's complete shit.
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    I like blocks, short codes have always been inconvenient for users and since my job is to empower the user inconvenient for me.
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    The editor is a bit shit but the the model is excellent.
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    Ooooh. Wonder if I can implement that on my current project. The editors already fuck it all up then complain that tools aren't working.
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    @projektaquarius In my experience, creating a layout is a matter of the coder and the graphic designer. It's never the client's, and they should be given as few options as possible to influence the layout. Only the data it contains.
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    @Lexter unfortunately, I have to work in a heavily customizable CMS. I would love to take things away from the editorial team, but noooooo. They want to be able to put shit where they want it then blame us when they use a thing for something it wasn't designed for. Even though it was designed based on their ask and their reqs.
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    @projektaquarius That's why I teach my clients and colleagues that a developers are at the top of the food ladder.

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    @Lexter I'm trying to do that, but they refuse.
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    Back in my school days “Gutenberg method” was a politically correct way to say: “doing things approximately” (don’t ask me why)

    I guess it was not only my classroom thing…
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