Lie in the interview saying he was a frontend web developer and try to hide the fact that they didn't know JS. Wtf.

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    Madness. They will be found out straight away even if they get the job.

    We just binned someone who claimed 4 years experience as a dev but didn’t know the difference between the different brackets that you use.
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    @TrevorTheRat He was found out. By me. A month later. The manager insisted in giving him a chance even when he consistently failed to do the minimum he had to do for every deadline.
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    @TrevorTheRat <Python dev looking around nervously> There might be some brackets I don't remember...
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    Know someone who got a job after being in a boot camp. Boot camp told them to put the time in boot camp down as work experience. They would corroborate it if contacted.

    Buddy refused to do it. Other person from the course did it. Both got a job. The other person got twice the wage of my buddy.

    Now, a year later, both are still employed by the same employer. Meaning, person who lied literally got another person's yearly wage for it with no down sides.

    Maybe anxiety is a down side. Don't know the person personally. Anyway, earned lots of money.
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    So basically another evidence that a little bit of lies in your resume won't hurt.

    If I didn't lie a little bit, I won't be where I am today.

    Of course too much lies will get you only trouble as they will eventually find out.
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    I can't lie in interviews, I prefer to say that I don't know it. That have been good for me, at the end of the day I know what I know, and I know that I know more than a lot of coworker even if I don't how to explain something that the interviewer got from some cool devblog
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