Am I right? Is this micro management?

So, in my new team, I have another coworker is my buddy, we are same level and I doubt here coding techniques as I have seen very bad code written by her.

The thing is, whenever I need to pick up a new jira, she starts telling me what code I need to change, without me understanding the ticket or the code.
She forced a code change which was obviously a bad one.
She asked me what did I do yesterday and said that I could have worked on this jira.

Although this is a start but I don't want yo waste my time working with someone who is trying to micromanage when I clearly have the potential to be working without her micro-managemnt.

The problem I see is that her priority is not learning but I don't know what is that but she worked on the tasks which are clearly not our teams work, in the initial informal chat she was too concerned with people being young in the company like who is married who is not etc.
I don't see her as a good developer.

Should I move to other project? or am I overreacting?

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    Not sure this is a micromanage situation.
    You and her are at the same level? she has seniority in the team over you? if this is the case, then she is trying to teach you how to work in the team - bad practices and all. It is your choice how to handle this.
    Your options:
    Play along. Make small "suggestions", and credit the other devs, until you get enough experience in the team and start to make larger changes, and fix the issues. The Team Player route.
    Don't play along - be very pushy, and "step on toes". Push for large changes immediatly. This is a large gamble - if the bosses think the team needs a shakeup you will get ahead. If not, you will be labeled the "problem dev", and will have to move projects, or jobs.
    In any case - tell her you don't need help right now, and you will ask if needed. Any comments are welcome in the Code Review time.
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    Right, I can say that as I have worked independently in my previous organisation, spoon feeding me on how and what to change in the code doesn't seem right to me. I am kind of scared that she's trying to be my boss as she asked me what did I do yesterday. I didn't like her method because the code change I pushed because of here comments was a bad change, so I really don't think her of as a good developer.
    I have seen her code changes and code is messed up. Big functions, too many db calls etc.
    So, I think I feel that I won't be able to grow if I have to keep on working with her as I am sensing a bad vibe here, anyway there's another project which has senior developers and at the end of the project, I will get a lot more knowledge of the product.

    Me, complaining could be taken as bad thing but at this point I want to only learn. I need to grow in my job and I don't want someone's ego in that path blocking me.
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    Moving to another project might be a good idea if you aren't willing to just ignore her advices.

    If she isn't a robot, chances are, that her communication did contain any emotional state subtext. Decoding that could give huge insights into her intent and mental state as most humans can't hide their emotions...
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    @Oktokolo Sometimes she's good like she tries to explain things when I ask. But I really got triggered today when she asked what did I do in the day. Feels like she'll be bossing around. I don't have much evidence to take a decision but being early in judgement I want to save myself from future problems.
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    It's quite an easy problem if she is not your boss.

    "Thank you for your input. I will consider what you said and let you know when it's done"

    The conversation ends there even if you have to walk away.
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    @Crost Yeah and that's why I didn't write anything when she asked me about my work updates.
    My work will be with her at least for next 6 months, I don't want to spend so much time having this issue.
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    @true-dev001 it looks like she is control freak kind of person with just strong ownership feeling of the project.
    It nothing really bad. I mean i am too like this.

    Just show your superior knowledge of skills to her.
    Describe your previous projects to her.
    have a conversation about good practices u implement that her code lacks

    She will then stick to seeing you as example.

    And.. If nothing helps.. Try to make her a point that nobody likes micromanagement. And her current behaviour is exactly feeling like this. That u can understand her wish to feel the project direction, but it should be conducted in a different way than this to be done right

    I mean the possible reason is she doing it, because she wants to have clear implementing by both of you without interfering with each other and going to same direction. Like.... Just... All u need perhaps to describe your plans roughly for the next week, and answering about yesterday that it goes nicely, that u don't have any blocker situations
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