I'm curious...
I ended up in a job in which I'm the sole developer (state education databases). Good, well paying job. No complaints there, but I haven't been part of a Dev team since my college days almost 15 years ago. I keep up my skills in personal projects.

I use git, like most developers these days, to track my code and move it between my desktop and laptop. However, while I have a GitHub account, I tend to be very"shy" with my code. I usually won't start putting the repository online until the application I'm working on has its intended cute functionality at least... Functional.

That said, I've read articles that suggest developers should almost start their project repositories online right from the start.

My question is... Are there any others like me, holding back their code until it's functional, or do most of you code completely in public (for open source projects, anyway)?

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    Don't be shy. To be honest it's not like anyone will notice or give a damn about some repository - not until it is something they need at least.
    You could make some issues with "first-pr" tags ti encourage ppl to contribute, therefore giving​ beginners chance to start contributing to OSS, and you chance to work with ppl.
    But in general you have full control
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    The very first thing I do is create a repo with a readme. If somr wants to give me shit for code that isnt in master, they can suck it. Once my code is in master then im proclaiming to the world "i am OK with this".
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    The amazing thing about open source is that even if you publish imperfect code, people will help you.

    I know it can feel a bit like taking off your clothes in front of a new date. But just like bodies, no one's code is perfect, and by sharing and communicating you can learn to use it better ;)

    I really suck at bash scripts and nodejs... Those projects always end up messy and unstructured. And I have never received any hate for publicizing it. Just helpful PRs!
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