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    @Trey50Daniel Can't you just write a rule with stronger specificity then?
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    @Trey50Daniel I understand that, but to me it seems like writing a more specific CSS rule in Bootstrap is still just possible, so for example instead of

    #thing {
    color: blue !important

    you'd just write

    #thing #isBlue {
    color: blue;
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    You could just add your custom style sheet after you call the bootstrap one. Then any of your styles will over write the bootstrap ones
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    Or better yet, get the bootstrap less files, edit the variables, recompile...
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    @Greggergalactic CSS Tricks explains it better than I can in 1000 characters. https://css-tricks.com/when-using-i...

    TL;DR important causes downward spirals and should be avoided when possible which it very much is in Bootstrap
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    !important is my version of a war flashback. The horror!
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