Company: Bobby you saved the company millions of dollars this year!!! Great job.

Me: So...how about that extra 2k per year raise.

Company: Um well it just doesn't seem to be in our budget this year.

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    My old co-workers and I used to call that “funny money”. All these IT projects that save theoretical money to justify creating or enhancing a system. My bet (flat out guess) is that 50-70% of all IT software systems don’t even come close to realizing the proposed savings/revenue potential.
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    So, next year it is, right?
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    @fiftyhz Nearly everyone who has access to that kind of information has vested interest in obscuring it, but I've been told by a seasoned and quite intelligent PM that ~70% of IT projects that receive greenlight fail to turn profit. Any speculation regarding efficiency vs promises applies to the remaining 30%.
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    Her rule was that no task should be performed unless it can be translated into business interest, but she also had a great sense for helping technicians translate tech debt into compound delays which have a quantifiable and quite hefty price.
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    Been there! Asked for an extra 5k per year upon hiring, they said no. Month 3 I had saved them 25k/monthly on their cloud costs. I could have gotten a raise faster if I let them subscribe to my salary as an AWS Marketplace subscription…. Because that comes from a different budget. 🤑
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    @devphobe yeah this nonsense is common. "Not in THIS budget" ok then move it to my budget.
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