JavaScript development turns into more and more of a shitshow over time. Not that it was great at the beginning, but with each passing year it gets worse.

There are now 17 versions of Node.js, 18 versions of React.js, 3 major versions of Vue.js... Each version brings something new and no one is in a rush to update their stuff to be compatible with the latest version of the framework

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    In the beginning you had to beat differences between jscript and Javascript. For ages you could't do anything seriously without jQuery. You had to fuck with shadow-iframea to do Ajax. Star-hack cssa and all skets of sorry fuckery. Oh the memories. And still to do anything at least a little bit cool you had to use activeX oder actionscript (which reszricted cool to Windows for way to long. And now? You have arrow-functions, const, map/reduce, promises, async/await, you can multithread with webworkers, even can use classes, and so much more. And even on top of taht you have brillant libraries like typescript and rxjs. So yes, I disagree about Javascript, i'd say it gets better every second.

    But still I share the pain of frameworks which advance to fast sometimes.
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    @horus ajax with iframes, that brings back memories ;)

    But I used the java applet microsoft supplied in the remote scripting toolkit.

    It served much the same purpose as the xmlhttprequest object but through the use of a java applet for the actual call.

    It was part of the visual interdev installation.
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    and Node went out of its way to prevent you from installing it on windows 7 machines, as part of the heavy handed "just use windows 10 lmao" push from Microsoft.

    How much longer until you need windows 11 for the current version to even work?
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