At a former job, the company decided to replatform to Salesforce. The entire dev team was laid off. But it would take an outside agency a year to build the Salesforce site. The company wanted the devs to stay for an additional year.

The only severance was something they called a stay bonus. It was 30% of our gross income but it was still contingent on performance. And if they decide to let you go earlier, it gets prorated if you still qualify for the bonus. Not a good deal.

Each month a dev left. By the time I secured a new job and left, all that remained of the dev team was a junior frontend dev and two team leads (one FE and one BE) with no team to lead. Well, there were contractors, but they were only brought on after the Salesforce replatform announcement. I’m pretty sure the company had to hire even more contractors. No idea how much that cost them.

For me, I think it was serendipitous that I gave notice during their busiest time of year. They actually tried asking me to extend my notice. Karma was coming back to bite them. Not just for the Salesforce thing. But also for their lack of support when I was blindly accused of being both insubordinate and incompetent.

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    they deserved it
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    Awesome. F*ck em
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    Good story, glad you got it of there properly.
    So what about the co-worker?
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    @hjk101 The remaining coworkers stayed til the end. The FE devs got their stay bonuses. The BE lead got a 6 week extension so I can only assume he got the bonus plus a little extra on top of salary. It made sense for the junior FE dev because this was his first tech job. For the two team leads, I imagine they were mostly just doing management tasks so that’s why they stayed. The BE lead told me there were days where there was no work for him but he was basically being paid to just be around while they transitioned to Salesforce.
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