Not necessarily a DEV rant, but a rant nonetheless.

This day sucks.
So first, my bus got late 25 minutes, because entire city decided that it will take a car - because it was raining horizontally. At some point I was doing 1 km in 10 minutes. Then my train got delayed by 5 minutes. So l had to do a little bit of cardio and ran to the next bus from station to school.

When I finally made it - surprisingly 5 minutes before the start of the exam, it turned out that I wasn't even on the list of participants. Which was surprising to both me and teachers, because I was clearly registered on the portal. Well, they hand added me in and let me in.

Then I open my laptop, I start it up
I try to start the exam. But it said that I don't even have the examination program - even tho I did install it yesterday.
So I had to quickly download it and reinstall it. Then I could finally write the Project Management exam.

Thankfully the exam went fine, I feel confident about the results, but it’s like everything tried to make sure I am not gonna make it.

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    So you actually had a good day?
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    @Oktokolo It was the shittiest morning so far, successful exam (I think) and relax now.
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    @athlon: You weren't late to the exam and didn't have a mental blockade or anal teacher constantly watching you from behind or something like that. You have even be able to use a bus!

    That morning looks a lot like a meager "some inconveniences, but everything came together just fine" rating. You probably experienced waaaay shittier mornings in the past and you just forgot them...
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