Every day I’ll open up wordle, but before I enter a guess I’ll google “What is today’s wordle answer?” Then I’ll just enter in the answer to get a 1/6 every time. After that I’ll post my score to twitter and when people accuse me of cheating because I get a 1/6 every day I just lie and say “no I’m really smart that’s how I knew what the word was.”

Is that cheating??

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    It's not only cheating, but also stupid - for two reasons. First, because you rob yourself of the fun. Second, because you use Shitter.
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    WORD! ... le
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    You just like to have stupid interchanges on Shitter, the typical Shitter user.
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    I don‘t know what‘s worse…
    That you don‘t know if it‘s cheating or not.
    Or that you are lying for no good reason every day.
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    Whats the point of this?
    Why tell/ask here?
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    If you're going to cheat anyway, why bother even solving it? Just save the score result and tweet it out every day with the number incremented.

    Hell, write a bot to do it for you. You're already going out of your way to cheat in a game with no prizes, might as well take it a step further and stop playing entirely.
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    Is this the perfect opportunity to say: You won The Game.
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    Not sure if supposed to be funny or just dumb
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    If it is not automated, it's plain dumb. Reminds me of code golf leaderboards on CSSBattle. Just a shit show.
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