Interesting.. When I'm on sugar rush, my phone screen starts flickering. But just to me - noone else. Could be high blood sugar increases eyes' photosensors' refresh rate.

Could explain why lots of devs are troubled by 60hz monitors while others aren't

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    @jespersh I'm not a diabetic, but thanks for the ref.
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    @netikras well, if you're experiencing "sugar rush" regularly enough to notice such effects, the correct phrasing would be "i'm not a diabetic - yet"
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    @tosensei only when I have too many sweets :) yes, regularly: every easter, christmas and my b-day :)
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    When 60Hz monitors were CRTs they were really easy to see flicker. Now the new LED monitors have a much longer fluoresce and does not flicker as much. Even 30Hz isn't as bad. I have a TV that refreshes at 30Hz and I cannot perceive any flicker. But the old monitors were terrible for some reason.

    That is interesting that you can see this with modern screens.
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    @Demolishun it passed after 20 minutes or so...
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    Im diabetic, type 1, and when it was starting I almost got blind, when my sugar is high I have pain and some troubles to see.
    It's better you look for a doctor to do a checkup, I got it with 23 years old and in my top of my body performance (at least I guest rsrs)
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    Mobile phone screens could be affected by PWM / pulse width modulation.

    A high sugar intake can affect the bloodpressure.
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    @jespersh LOL
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    First see a doctor

    Also check the blood sugar

    Fasting (also 3 month average HbA1c)
    After food

    Do it while happening also.
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