The “if” statement works the same in every* language, so if you can code in one language, you can code in most of them.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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    Notice, it doesn't say "well" in most languages. Just that you can.
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    @Demolishun Yes, but from that you can certainly build up the quality of your craft.
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    @athlon I am kind of referring of my transition from c++ to python. Python written the way c++ is written is terrible.
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    Java, kotlin, js, c#, php, Godot, python, c, r, ... I need few days or weeks to be a junior developer in whatever language, they are tools, and they have a lot in common when we talk about sintaxe, but from the commented above only two I can say that I'm a professional working on
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    It's on need-to-know basis.
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