Interviewer: Are you familiar with SVN?

Me: Nope.

*trying to GIT out of the room*

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    sure I do. it is like git, but much more 1990.
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    @magicMirror 1990 was a tough time man
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    I remember using SVN to download mods for Garry's mod
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    Only youngsters around here? The 1990s have been tough times indeed. There was CVS...
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    Many years ago the director stuck his head out of the office asking us what the hell is svndude and why is it on his credit card statement?
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    I have no issues wit SVN or Git because of them at times saved my ass back during their days.
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    I started out with svn and now use git. But boy i miss svn for it's simplicity.
    I never took the time to learn git's cli and gui's i have used explode at any sign of conflicts.
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    @rvnx that's the only thing I have ever used svn for
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    @wedi In the company I just left, all of the projects related to my work were completely CVS. 40+ repos of C++ libraries and programs. I appreciate svn and git so much more now.
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    I use FOSSIL
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