Just let me be a programmer. Why do I have to learn yaml and deploy an app with 100 lines of code to a kubernetes cluster with literally 0 users?
Scale sucks.

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    xD I would prefer to do exactly this.
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    Believe me, it is nice to be responsible for backend and infra at the same time. Architecturing the projects.

    Being just regular Dev feels kind of lame after that.
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    Learn yaml!?
    Oh Gads! The HORROR!
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    If you are too stupid for YAML, just write JSON - it is valid YAML too.
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    I'm making a roadmap for a zero-to-hero full stack webdev course, estimated duration is a year including several projects that enable the student to discover pivotal concepts on their own. By far the greatest challenge is scattering devops concepts evenly throughout the course to avoid overwhelming the student. At the moment it looks like their very first HTML file will be version controlled and their first LAMP app will be containerized.
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    @Oktokolo I would assume YAML itself is not the issue but the application specific YAML. To be fair that is like leaning a whole new framework.
    Which kinda sucks if it makes no sense and just want to deploy what you build.

    @darkwind DevOps/infra is not for everybody. Totally understandable if you want to specialise in other areas (I'm in your camp though). There are plenty of companies and services that allow you to focus on code mostly.
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    @hjk101: Good point. But then she should complain about that, because the configuration file language doesn't really matter in that case.
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    I guess I should be thankful, my job and honestly unjustified elevated pay depends on developers who refuse to write yamls
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