My entire bachelor's degree studies.

I did two senior projects solo because I couldn't tolerate the absolute mediocrity of my peers to be satisfied with a C+ or B "good enough!"

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    Then you'll be unemployable.

    Good software devs are team players, not good coders. Bit the bullet and learn the social skills. Think of it as another tool to master.
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    @rEaL-jAsE I have yet to meet a decent freelancer who switches projects often and is also capable to deliver quality work.
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    @zemaitis I've yet to meet a 9-5 normie of the same
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    @lungdart Unless by social skills you mean emotionally blackmailing your peers and/or gaslighting them into believing that what you're creating will make them rich, lazy and complacent university students are simply useless and no amount of cooperative spirit will change that.
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