Giving the stink-eye to the stakeholder who scheduled an important meeting when I’m out on PTO πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜  And my calendar had the day blocked off for weeks. Stakeholder probably doesn’t want me there because I’ll just tell them their “solutions” aren’t actually solutions.

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    Why are you assuming they have some malicious intent of forcing you to work on your day off?

    Maybe they just sent a group invitation, say you were out of office but figured "I don't want them to feel left out so I'll send it anyways and I assume they'll say no"
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    this happens all the time

    Today I sent a meeting invite and got an auto reply 1 participant was off on that day. I assume none of us thought twice about it.

    Not like an invite equals a demand to show up. I think most people just ignore it and resume with their plans.
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    @jiraTicket First, Google calendar let’s you see a person’s availability. And I am the only dev for the affected website. I needed to be at that meeting. Second, I see you commenting on my rants, acting like the polite police, and trying to correct my behavior. There is no need to correct rants on Devrant unless they are obviously offensive. I am not offending anyone by ranting about my day. You need to stop making assumptions about the situation. You need to stop being the self-appointed polite police. I am tired of you.
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