So far it has been a collaboration with a shoemaker. I produced the most awful website I (never thinked I) could make… and not by my design, quite the contrary! This guy was there asking me to break rule after rule of design and would refuse suggestions and advices to follow their vision!

Pointless to say the site was down 6 months after being created.

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    It's sad to see such anecdotes becoming real.
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    @vintprox it really is… as a freelancer I used to face these “make-shit or don’t get paid” jobs far more than you would expect… I used to freelance in Italy where the IT culture/respect for the IT professional is kinda weak
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    I did it once, I don't know if the app it is working, they paid me bad, they had a awkward design and even the API had troubles that I had to resolve them in the app (application doing logic to adjust the data to be able to download and upload correct, rather than lead with them there).. I don't want to face another freelance after that
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    @rittmann oh god yes the api being bad is another evergreen along with “please limit the amount of calls to the api you make” for a timeslot booking page or something like that.
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