It all started with me attempting the interview at a bank only for exposure sake and I wanted to benchmark myself to see if I can make the cut because I was told their interviews are hard.

Before, I was sure I won't ever work for a bank because as compared to a tech firm, the general consensus think banks are filled with red tape and work mainly revolves around their proprietary platforms/toolings which isolates the engineer from what the real tech companies are using.

But when I see what they are offering me, the money is really swaying me now. I never imagined to be offered this much... What should I do or how should I process this...?

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    First off, congrats on getting the offer! I’ve never worked for a pure tech company so I don’t have good insight there, but I’ve worked for US based financial services companies (insurance and investments) for the past 15 years so I can give a little info on what I imagine working for a bank may be like.

    One thing is that banks must adhere to massive amounts of regulations (state and federal). Those regulations lead to audit running the show for the most part (red tape, etc). So yeah, things can be super slow. However, banks have deep pockets, hence your stellar offer, and can have good benefits too, plus stability in many cases. Some of the work can be mundane though - for example if it’s a publicly traded bank in the US, SOX compliance is a nightmare.

    Overall, the best advice I can offer is to hit your recruiter/contacts at the bank with questions about their tech stack and what your daily work life would be like and see if it fits for what you’d like to do.
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    Hey you took a chance and got your career off to a great start. You can move to big tech or a start up later, just soak up some stability and get started saving for retirement and a house now.
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    So, what happened?
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    @jesuscam I accepted the offer.
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