Speaking of "living"...

When was the last time you looked up in the sky and admired the beauty of its deep blueness or the beauty of the clouds floating up there?

We live in a beautiful world. And yet we spend our lives dawn-to-dusk staring at things made by ourselves rather than enjoying what's already there - the beauty all around us we don't bother to even think about, not to mention look at it.

No, I'm not a spiritual person. I just really love the world around me :) Not people. Not technology. Pure raw nature and the mind-bending balance of EVERYTHING in it.

So... when was the last time you've admired what's out there, rather than what's in our artificial world?

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    I know exactly what you mean. I used to admire the world around me a lot, but since the virus I lost my routine of going out and just relaxing for a while. I need to get back to it...

    Also, I think part of why I love technology is *because* It's made out of things that we're already here! It's fun to realize how software works in the big biig picture or just some electrons moving around specifically organized atom structures n stuff
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    @Hazarth I see we have plenty in common :)
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    regarding your question... this monday when we were to take our dog from dog hotel and went back by foot, which was basically a 4 hour walk in nature.

    and yeah, it's pretty nice outside, but the lack of interactivity is irritating for my brain, same as in Skyrim. looks nice, but all of it is just for looking, no meaningful actual interacting.

    the world in the screen might look not as nice, but the level of interactivity is so much better.
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    Just yesterday, I observed the sky slightly post dusk and was amazed at the fine colour gradient with no banding at all.
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    @Midnight-shcode I guess it depends on one's imagination. I certainly don't feel the need for interactivity when I try to imagine the scale. Model in your mind how you're rising up from the ground. What terrains do you see? What's behind you? On your left? What do these trees, houses, rocks, roads look like from above? What's that 7km on your left? Do you feel the cool wind on your face? The humidity tickling your throat when you approach the puff of a cloud? How far can you see? Can you see the bend of the earth surface? What does that cloud look like from this height? How big is this cloud from up close?

    When things are far away, we see in 2d. Try to model things in 3d and add more w/h/lenght - it paints quite a different picture!
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    practice your eyes by looking far away on nature or sky as much as possible. Unfortunately, coding is so unhealthy for the eyes. We must balance this. We must move also. Not should, MUST. Moving is a blessing as long as we have it.
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    @netikras i have quite a good imagination, and what you described i do all the time, plus stuff like imagining objects in terms of vertices and meshes, and surfaces in terms of normalmaps and shaders...

    but that's still just noninteractive observation. what i meant is that yes, world is full of fascinating things and systems, but 99.9% of them are locked, inaccessible to me. i see many interesting places that i cannot even enter to look around in (for example a newspaper printing building, which, admittedly, i got into thursday since i was doing a temp work in there), i see people all around who are basically locked for any interaction for me, because they're strangers, or even my friends who are inaccessible for interaction becausr they don't have time or live far away, i see cars which would be fun to drive (basically any car, because driving is fun), but those are inaccessible because i don't have the money to get one, etc etc etc.

    this is what i meant by noninteractive.
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