Was reading this blog. COBOL started as a low code application for managers to write code in a language close to English.

The more things change, the more they remain retarded.

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    I don't know why but for some reason programming had since its inception the image of not being a *real* engineering discipline and more of a nuisance you just have to do. I mean nobody would think of electronics like something "that can be fixed" so that everybody can suddently design complex motherboards. But for some reason the whole field of programming can supposedly be compressed into an easy step by step process... Okay
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    @12bitfloat: Oh yeah - back then, when i started, programming was widely seen as some sort of witchcraft. People thought you could build or repair _anything_ when you mentioned being a software developer. They also exopected you to being able to "cure" blue screens and to be a printer wisperer...

    We might not have been recognized as engineers back then. But it certainly was better than today, where normal people just see us as the ones creating all that bugs...
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    Same story with SQL... It would be entirely possible in todays world: just give them read-access to a replica. Add some nice view-tables and maybe even make it accessible with good'ol Microsoft Excel.

    But for job security reasons, lets not do that.

    Generally speaking, I think it is going to be a good while until basic programming task will be reduced to an AI service. And then, who is defining and refining *all* the requirements? Double and triple check the proposed business processes? Making sure, it actually works? It will be next generation of programmers I'm sure.
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    I tried the same program for my project, you can see demo here
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