Expat issues of the month is that the HR is taking its sweet time, while I'm trying to find a house and probably need to provide employment certificate or some shit.
So basically, I'll arrive in a month and either be homeless, crash on a friend's at least an hour and half away by PT, or pay for hotel or airbnb.

... Heaven and hell, could you please work together on solving this, particularly the house issue? Because neither am I made of money nor my nerves can currently take this, specially with this upcoming surgery thing. 🙏

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    Good luck and godspeed.
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    Good luck!! Expatriation isn't that easy but it's rewarding to discover another culture and other type of people.

    Where did you move to if I may ask? :D
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    @ostream back to Germany 😶 (did my masters there too)
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    @NoMad ugh good luck, everything seems so complicated there. I hope the unis are nice with ya.

    If you ever in portugal, i'm on my way to porto atm x)
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    @ostream 😏 I'd be more than happy to come visit once I fully settle, which hopefully will be in 5-6 months.
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    I'll arrive in PT in the end of this month and I need a "fiador", someone to guarantee the payment, and I still don't know exactly which city I'll stay, neither how much I'll need to pay, since the house owners are asking for a lot of money to sign the contract, the company at least tried to help send me a company to help to find one place but these places are 2 ou 3x more expansive than I can pay,.
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    @ostream goverment forces complex shit onto companies.
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