The bigger imminent threat right now seems to be nuclear war! :/

Can't believe how quickly we have arrived to this shit again....

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    Don't live your life in fear of what others do with theirs. Live your life with purpose.

    I live in a high threat area and the fear has always been there.

    Chances are very likely that when it does happen, my spouse, our children, everyone we know, will all be immediately vaporized. I can only hope... The alternative would be inhumane and impossibly incomprehensible.

    When it's my time, I will not go willingly into the night. I will rage against the dying of the light, but I will ultimately accept it in the end because I have no control over the outcome.

    Nuclear war will happen, as for when, who knows. Don't let it take up any more time away from you that could be spent on enjoying life.
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    Fear is a control tactic. Whoever is spreading this fear has an agenda. Find out what that is.
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    @Demolishun throughout history, there's only been one agenda:

    personal profit.

    everything else was just a means to an end, one way or the other.
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    @Demolishun Sure, most will think there is a higher guard rail that will prevent the doomsday from happening despite what politicians are doing.

    You know how rapid the escalation of WW1 was? It was due assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian heir, by Gavrilo Princip. Then you had the blame game and then allies joining to fight.

    Which is exactly what is happening now. Nobody seems to be interested in diplomacy and compromise.... US doesn't want to lose fight so keep arming Ukraine escalating tensions with Russia. For russia its an existential threat as Ukraine is right on the border.

    I am afraid the future doesn't seem bright.
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    @jassole From what I understand the banks have paid for both sides of a lot of wars. War is money to banks. So they start wars. I would look to see who gains from starting a conflict, either for distraction or profit. Also, look at the money funneling into corrupt nations.
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    @Demolishun Basically Murica. Even the most staunch so called progressives voted for bill that supplied billions of dollars of weapons to Israel and Ukraine. They leave a trail behind.
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    @jassole the big difference to WW1 is back then everybody wanted war. you know, boys going on a heroic campain, some dying a patriotic death and in the end my country will win.
    Way to detached from reality, especially the gruesome, ugly reality of modern warfare

    That was apparently a big reason why it all went so quickly and I'd say nowaday the climate isn't that trigger happy at all, especially if that trigger is a big red 'all ded' button

    Also, what sariel wrote.
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    @Jedidja Sure, but I kind of get the sense that it is the same feeling and the media is doing nothing but create tensions and push for the war propaganda.

    People are really excited and think they can actually win and outsmart their enemies in a nuclear conflict. I guess it's just human nature after a prolonged period of peace (80 years?)
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