I am convinced that the worst people on the internet are the Wikipedia editors.

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    I mean, trolls are not great either...
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    nah. they didn't create microsoft teams.
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    internet moderators think they're superior without realising they have the stupidest job ever.
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    Nah. Can't think why you would think that.
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    Like with StackOverflow's extreme gamification, Wikipedia's anal Law & Order culture actually is the cause of its success. It surely has its severe downsides. But without it, Wikipedia wouldn't be the sortof reliable and exhausting encyclopedia it is today.
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    I know a high ranking Wikipedia fact-checker, she's nice and very enthusiastic about free reliable information. Like most nonprofits, they need lots of people who take the goals seriously, so there's not much room to filter by other important personal qualities. As a result, the lowest and most populous layer of completely unfiltered volunteers develops very counterproductive notions of personal value.
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    The only people that dislike gatekeepers are those that want to flood the gates and destroy the city.
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    @ostream Normie take
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