After a rough exit from one company, I was diverted into Ops just to continue to have food on the table and keeping the lights on. This, over time, unfortunately made me more or less unemployable as a dev again. Got stuck in that place 13 years doing almost no professional coding.

During the last 5 years I took courses, got side jobs writing articles and tutorials, went to interviews and generally worked hard to get the fuck out of ops and into development again.

After getting to choose between level 1 customer support and quitting in a re-org, I quit without having a new gig. I got a lucky break through someone I'd worked with earlier to start a junior position working on some legacy systems with legacy tech.

After all that work late nights churning away using up my passion for coding, I now can't make my self pick up even Advent of code or Hacktoberfest... My passion is dead... I hope I get it back, but for now I fill my spare time with my guitar...

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    Sounds like you are ready to make the transition to devops!
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    @magicMirror well, I'm close actually, we dev the app, and manage everything above the VM layer. Puppet, scripts, secrets etc.
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    Thats not devops, as I see it. Sure - "platform as code" solves some problems, but its not devops.

    Devops the way I treat it, is understanding what the code does, and how it interacts with the platform, in a way that solves problems for both. for example, that microsevice is going to run a bunch of db queries, to generate a report - so lets put it in the same datacenter as the secondery db. And lets identify why we have IO spikes, and change the code to solve it, and not throw more hardware at the problem.
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