Have you ever hit a wall? Like you know what you want to do, you know how to do it but it will not work for absolutely no reason you can see? I've spent the better part of 5 hours trying to add an image upload to my node app and have nothing to show for it. I've tried multiple packages to no avail. I've deleted everything and started over so many times I've lost track. The only thing I can think of doing now is bashing my head off the keyboard and hope that spews out some magical code that will fix my problem.

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    When I run into a problem that I can't solve for some reason, it usually helps me to go do something completely unrelated for a hour or two. You will probably keep thinking about it subconsciously, and there's a good chance you might have an answer when you return to it.

    My advice: take a walk.
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    My advice, have a quick nap. You'll gonna dream about it. And in your dream you have a big picture of the problem that you actually can see whats the problem. It happens to me a couple of times.
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    Yes, i am fairly sure most of us have at some point. Take your mind of it and do something else for a while, it will come to you.
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    Try to implement the solution in full once, then take a break. When you come back, methodically debug all of what you just wrote to work out the kinks.

    This way, you only need to either write or debug at any time, not both. It's not always the best strategy, but it's good in a pinch.
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    Got anybody who can give you another set of eyes? Helps me a lot.
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