Sometimes I leave comments to myself at the end of the work week to remember on monday where I left off
Anyone else does this? 🤔

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    yep, not only on fridays... 😂
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    Me too, just so that I know where I left off and what exactly I want to do next. Or if I found something that I will need to consider but havn't gotten around to yet.
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    All the time
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    That's what comments are for: to know what you were thinking back then
    You basically came up with a best practice on your own
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    I write broken tests for myself for this

    Preferably at least half real test,
    At the worst I can always write

    def test_deployment_of_translation_to_s3_bucket ():
    raise NotImplementedException()
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    Post it's.

    My desk is full of it.

    Simple and efficient
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    Even worse: I come in almost every day with 2-3 emails with notes from myself waiting for me. I can't ever seem to fully turn my brain off to work (though it's rarely a problem, it's just background thought that sometimes manifests into a coherent thing that I want to remember the next day, and an email is the most convenient approach).
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    I just put my machine to sleep. Once I returned from a 4 week vacation only to notice that the debugger was still halting on a breakpoint.
    Although I have to admit I had bo clue what I was debugging back then 😅
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    I message coworkers on slack about stuff as a means of personal notekeeping. I have an agreement with a couple people where we do this almost as a form of rubber ducking.

    If I have to run in the middle of a change without wanting to commit or stash I might leave an #error TODO or some intentional syntax error.
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    Absolutely. It's a great way to get started easily on Monday.
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    Naah, i just work on Sundays too so i dont forget.
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