I need suggestions

I’m thinking about making a blog called but how do I, this will include tutorials that covers things not taught in school, but you wished you knew how to do.

So right now I have ideas like:

How to write zsh plugins
How to scrape the web(scrape html or sending request)
How to write chrome plugins
How to center a div in different ways
How to write backend codes in js
How to setup an interactive website on a server with domain

But I need more, I need suggestions.

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    well write those and maybe you come up with new ideas when struggling with something in between
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    A lot of these don't fit well into the blog post format because various features require completely different approaches, for example the only common step in various "back end in JavaScript" tasks is to install node, and the only common steps in various "interactive website" projects are to write html and buy a domain. The choice of tools is also limited by your format, because hackable tools - the only kind that's worth introducing with such a general title - hardly ever work out of the box - a hard requirement for achieving something in a blog post's worth of text.
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    But all of these and other problems and questions will become apparent when you're writing posts and re-reading them with a critical eye, so I think the best approach is to just get typing.
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    @lbfalvy I agree

    But I want the posts to be a guide of what you should expect and how to solve those questions

    For example, how do you send https request to your own server? You can use proxy in nginx that disguise. How do you use Google translate for free in your project when they don’t allow client side request? Turns out there’s something called CORS

    Those kind of things are what I wished I knew.
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    How do I pay taxes
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    From my experience, a lot of these are either in the realm of too simple or too advanced. There seems to be very little that fills the intermediate between "I can do a few things" and "I can write production code"
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    @lbfalvy I think I know what to do
    Instead of one blog one project, each blog will just be code snippets.

    So that each blog is concise, and the content should be problems that you face but don’t really know where to look at.

    For example, how to disguise an http request sent to server as https

    How to scrape a website with requests instead of static pages

    How to implement simple 3d transform without svg or webgl (I actually have a really good example, look here: loneliness.one/chatbox

    All things I had to Google a while until I found the solution because idk what to look for
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    For "how to center a div in different ways" you may use my fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/kevinvanlierde...
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