I hate how React is used almost everywhere nowadays. Especially when single-page applications are used for purposes that don't actually benefit from them.

Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned, but I want websites to work even with client-side JS disabled. At least sites like Amazon don't rely on it, and work just fine. Progressive enhancement is the way to go.

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    Maybe it's for the better. At least, it's becoming more obvious what's really supposed to help solve the problem, and what is used as a hipster obligation.
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    True, but Amazon's website is a big bag of balls.
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    Even if it's a single page app, you might wanna extend it in future, all this work will go waste then, and with NextJS, performance is not an issue anymore, It's maintainable, and tonnes of libraries for everything, I don't see any issue using it for small websites too.
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    Progressive enhancement is something I recommended but isn't understood by the non-tech management types. I stopped caring about it as well.
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