Company Emails that tell you
who they are
what believe in.
How they were the market leaders since the stone age.
what their values are
what their holistic approach to life is. How they are diversifying inclusiveness to include diversity.
And how all of this bull shit ties into you being a ideal employee of the organisation
Just to get you to fill a damn form.

Makes me wish the next attempt at human extinction succeeds.

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    "Makes me wish the next attempt at human extinction succeeds."

    That is occurring this year. You won't have to wait.
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    @Demolishun well they better succeed this time
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    I wrote this last month. Diversity is a Litmus test:


    My advice: you're a mercenary. You do the work for the pay. You don't care about their bullshit ideological beliefs. You'll non your head and do your best coding so long as the money keeps coming, just like a CIA agent and the gold as he murders some kids.

    Now if you get a chance to watch a diversity hire fall all over the place and fail miserable, so long as you don't do their work for them, it can be a good laugh.
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    @djsumdog problem isn't diversity problem is the long ass emails that don't get to the fucking point. imagine being new to the company you don't know, what the fuck is going on, every morning your inbox is filled with 15-20 of these shitty emails out of which 2-3 could be super important so you have to decipher these hieroglyphs of emails GAAAAH ITS FRUSTRATING AS FUCK
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