hey devs, hope you all are doing good..

I was frustated by my salary.. I mean in this job I am good but I didn't got the expected growth..

So I find a job .. but before resigning because I know my boss is cool atleast he will listen .. so I leave him a message that I wanted to do more.. and got the other offers.. He said no worries.. we will match your package.. but now you can be associate TL and handle the team also..
I took the offer..

atleast I am satisified. The thing is new team is mostly are dumbo :( Will see how long I can pull..

or I am hoping my next rants will be something like.. I will join as junior dev pr same salary.. just take me out from this fucking TL role.. because I know what team is going to do.. someone stuck.. ask TL.. someone have internet issue ask TL.. don;t know css.. ask TL.. dont know logic.. ask TL. its look like I have to be google for team

Anyways will see how it goes.. I wish me luck

Ohh yeah if you are in TL roles.. could you share your experience please

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    Maybe bring up a theme of the peer pressure, and that it's not what you want in your team on regulars.

    The members of Team should not feel afraid of a tinsy maneuver such as reaching the hand to teammate in the time of need.

    Delegate like you didn't before, not too much of course. They may be not showing it now, but they probably *want* to be involved, just unsure and weighing the risks atm.
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    From what I've heard, accepting a counter offer like that is not good. Once you've decided you want to quit your job for whatever reason (lack of growth, low salary, etc), it should be a clean cut.
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