What your advice for procrastinator ?

I'm pro in this field 😎
I think the reasom might be that I'm scared from being a failure

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    1. Do hard things first
    It's harder to work after playing games, but reversing the order makes it easier.

    2. Set tiny goals
    It's harder to finish a goal that takes few days, instead of 1 hour.
    When you complete 1 tiny goal, you will get some sense of accomplishment, which should motivate you for the next goal.

    3. Don't stop
    Making break of few days is enough to become lazy again. And it makes it harder to get yourself going. You try to do something. Even 30 min of work is enough.
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    @WildOrangutan thanks a lot !
    Will do 👍🏻
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    pro crastinator
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