Dude ist sysadmin at server Pool hosting our app for the client.

Client: something minor is not working.

Dude: Let me just restart app, works at my windows laptop everytime or whatever.
*restarts app, hangs on entrypoint*

Dude: Dear client it's brocken.

Clients: *calls us in panic.*

Horus: Dear dude, when it hangs on startup consider to download an update because we fixed some issues with in theis area recently. Also maybe enlarge the docker compose timeout.

Dude: Still does not start up.

Horus: ok just call me on this Zoom link, then we can debug together.




Dude: oh i just saw it did startup mean while, it just took some time.

Fuck you dude, and your impatience!

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    Client: Initial issue still there.
    Dude: dude thats because it starts now but did not complete start up tasks.
    We: ok, fuck, it still does not work in the New Version, was might be wrong. Dude, can you send us a copy of clients data to debug.
    dude: *sends volume-image*
    me: *mounts volume image into instance*
    app: works

    Me: *looks closer*
    Me: Dude, did you even install the update as we recommended?
    dude: i am not allowed to install updates by client.
    Client: do it.
    Dude: *finally updates* it works now.

    Holy shit. All three parties and all three bosses in CC in every message. When we told you, in the update there is fix for your problem, why didn't you ask if you are allowed to install it instantly? How do you think a restart should fix when you do not change anything. Fuck you, dude, I lost 1.5 days because of your dumpidity.
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