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    Not without an ssd
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    This is why my laptop has 32gb of ram. Chrome still eats about half of it
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    @BenjaminKay8 when I had 8gb ram chrome ate around 2-4 GBS...
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    32gb ram ^_^
    Makes me happy every day
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    Why would you ever need more then 16gigs of ram? Unless for virtualisation.
    I have 8gigs in my computer and it's still more than enough.
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    @jerodev Chrome, Spotify, sublime, and a very hefty VM for our central server app. That was my dev flow for months... with only 8gb ram. It was a nightmare!

    Now that I have 32, i have about half to spare, and the VM no longer crawls along! ^_^

    I'm also much more productive now that I don't have to worry about running out of memory with each new tab...
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    @jerodev when I had 8gb on my gaming laptop I used to get "system low on mem" after a few minutes of playing gta 5. Mostly because I severely limited the swap file to half a gig for speed purposes. My boss has a 16 gig laptop and he also runs out of ram when using a vm.

    I got 24gb now and never looked back. So there you go.
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    @jerodev Server. Lets say there is 24 TB ZFS storage and one TB is allocated for Squid. Then, lets say GitLab is installed. So you have 24GB ram usage from ZFS, 32GB squid cache and GitLab will fill the rest. 64 GB used.
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    So should I buy Intel Celeron and 64 GB of RAM or Intel Core i7 and 32 GB of RAM
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    I like having 3 instances of visual studio, photoshop and illustrator open at the same time. Not to mention both chrome and firefox tabs xD

    Much ram needed
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    My ram is fuking soldered!!
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    I'm still at 8GB and doing fine. Just don't have more that 20 open tabs in chrome and don't run windows and 8GB seems plenty
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