Why building a library of React component should be this hard: I'm sick of Webpack, Babel, Typescript and all the shit which is duct taped together to build some damn widgets.

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    And here we see a rare specimen of the jquery spaghetti coder.
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    @petergriffin Of course JQuery is even worse, I just hope which WASM takes over for web apps and I'll be able to use more consistent frameworks to write my software such as QT
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    @petergriffin in contrast to what? A hell of a spaghetti of dependencies
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    it shouldn't be.
    it only is because js devs can't seem to get to terms with the fact that they're not real devs and so they keep layering more and more steps into every toolchain to convince themselves and the world that yes, they are real devs because look at this real substantial complicated toolchain they use!

    think about the absurdity: a language that by design doesn't require any toolchain or compilation, language that just immediately runs from sourcecode in any browser, is now a language which when you dev in it, has all of the most absurdly complicated transpiling and compiling and packaging and whateverbullshit i don't know what steps from all of them.

    it's nothing but huge attempt to cope with the deep, true, subconscious awareness that all they do is actually trivial and miles below any actual real programming.

    that's why it all "has" to be this complicated.
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