The joys of web dev

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    Actually, yes.
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    @jAsE that sentence is very unsettling to hear
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    I have similiar situations when I search for Raditator (RADIUS server) :D
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    @jAsE tasty balls 😂😂
    @byt3cod3 have an inverted satan
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    By using localStorage, which does not expire.
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    "scrap nightmare follow children"

    "Kill all orphan children"

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    Actually, cold only retards the growth of bacteria and fungus; it doesn't eliminate them. So your food can still become unsafe, even in the freezer -- albeit it would take very long and the food would probably get freezerburn before it becomes unsafe.
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    @vanhoosr Thanks for the tip !
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    Also, botulism is heat proof. If it gets too hot it converts to spores, which take extreme amounts of heat to destroy:

    while( temperature == TOO_HOT )
    botulism.state = SPORE;

    If you see bubbling food or bulging food containers, throw the whole thing out -- container included!
    Botulism will kill you.
    (had to take food safety courses in culinary school)
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    @AlgoRythm localstorage !== cookie
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    @onlinesteve22 localstorage > cookie
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    @vanhoosr don't wanna get technical but... Okay that's a lie. It's "Botulinum", which is the name of the bacteria. Botulism is the effects of the toxin.
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