Asus announced their AM5 board X670E Extreme. The E already stands for Extreme, which makes it an Extreme Extreme.

My feeling is that AM5 will be extremely - expensive!

That's because the AM5 LGA socket moves cost from the CPU (formerly PGA) to the mobo, but AMD certainly won't drop CPU prices, rather the opposite, and then there's also DDR5 as cost driver, not to mention tons of PCIe 5.0 where we don't even have AIBs.

On the upside, that would finally end the days of GPUs causing a disproportionately large share of the system cost - if only because the rest gets more expensive.

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    I'm tempted to upgrade some time after they come out - not because what I have (X570 + 5900X) is obsolete but because before I know it, 5 years will have passed and it will be obsolete then. Most probably I'll be getting a new GPU though - hopefully prices will be okay this time around.
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    @kamen By then, whatever you buy in the near future will also be obsolete anyway.
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    One E for the power. The other E for the cost.

    The next E will be for the size.
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    @ojt-rant Or the PSU dimensioning. The way shit is going, it won't take long until people in the US and other 110V countries will have to think about three phase wall power plugs just like for an oven.
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    The X already costs more, we all know printing a X on the products costs them 50 € extra.
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    Apparently, X670E, X670 and B650 all use the same IC(s).
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