2013 Wanted to make games with unity, no prior experience. Failed horribly learning unity script. Nothing made sense.

2014 change in carreer from retail to sysadministration at a local small recycling company ( no prior experience other than being a digital native )

2015 Got bored at work, learned c# with scott lillys tutorials. It clicked!

2016 i enroll in cs at local university. Acing most classes, even got a b on the math module i took. I am 28 now and my life changed a bunch to the good thanks to coding, tech and cs.

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    Welcome to devRant! Nice progress. Keep doing what you are doing and keep us informed - more success to come.
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    I learnt c# with his tutorial too
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    I think he really did a great job teaching oop. Few seem to have heard of him though.
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