When you're the only one in the company that starts early and you have to wait 2 hours until you can actually talk to someone... :(

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    Only me and my rubber duck for soo loong.

    Btw welcome to devrant 😆
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    I love not having any to talk to / be pestered by for the first hour of my day I get so much done.
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    @sovietspy2 thanks. Found it by chance in the play store.
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    Sounds awesome. I love being alone with my code.

    Talking to myself is also less embarrassing when I'm alone.
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    It's ok and cool if you have something to code. If you want to discuss a possible problem and solutions it's not so fun...
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    I absolutely love being left alone from 7:30 to 8:30, and I love going home over an hour before my teammates as well.
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    @brahn perhaps it was just because it's Monday today. I can also enjoy this if I have enough to code.
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    Then start later, I guess
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    I would give soo much for this feeling. :D
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    Yip, I get in early to avoid the traffic and to study. I'm there at 5:30am and the rest of the devs only start arriving at 09:30.
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    I did that too. Sadly, there's a rule against being alone in the company because insurance reasons (we do electrical stuff and it's required that there is someone who could call the ambulance).
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    Most productive 2h of the day
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    Not having anyone talking for 2 hours? Heavenly.
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    @CWins You mean point and laugh?
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