If one was to acquire devRant, what would the pricetag be?

And what would you change about devRant?

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    I’d make everyone listen to Break My Stride before logging in
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    That's actually a pretty solid idea.

    are we supposed to hear the whole thing before login, or just the chorus?
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    @README-txt Just the chorus.
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    It's surprising no big company already did. I would value it at least at 500k. Just imagine what valuable "resouces" a company could reach as an insider, gain insights about and recruit or match
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    @webketje the user email list alone is worth millions to recruiting firms. Soon all of us would receive the bullshit "youre profilley sims like a gReAt fit 4 our heebried cSs/BlOcKcHaIn/BiG dAtA/jAvA opertoonet!!1!1!" in our inboxes, and every other post would be something like "google pays me 100000000 per minute for singles in your area, click here to download our toolbar"
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    @README-txt it will be like an anime intro: optional but if it's really good, you can't skip it
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    Cleanup of Postings and User Accounts.

    3 strike and Account gone.
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    @OzzyTheGiant the problem is the Taste people have.
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    i guess Ou have to look at how many supportwrs (++) it has. Then add the initial cost and time it took to pull it off and deduct the operating costs. We are left for some 10 thousands for sure. We need to take in mind though aswell that the userbase is very small
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    @JsonBoa you are probably right.

    Imagine video ad's popup whenever you tapped/clicked a rant:

    "This is Chris, he's a developer! Chris had a hard time organizing his work, but then he tried MONDAY.COM.."

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    I have the same perception, that this platform has reduced alot since the beginning, and im relatively new.

    I would love to know the actual daily user numbers, in average.

    I wonder if they are making any profit from this platform, or if it is bleeding.
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    This is an interesting thought
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