WTF is going on with twitter?!

- Yesterday I've Installed the app and tried to signup
- I've entered my birthday
- Entered phone number
- Wait for SMS...no SMS
- Tap resend...no SMS
- Wait half an hour...no SMS
- Tried few times...Started getting error: This number cannot be registered..

- Today I've tried again
- Phone number accepted
- Wait for SMS...no SMS
- Tried adding my number to a friend's twitter account...Received SMS code..
- Tried again signing up with my phone number, got error: This number cannot be registered..
- Tried from web, getting error: You reached your SMS limit try again in 24h...

How can I reach my f***** limit when I haven't even received a mail!

I've been trying to signup to twitter for 2 f**** days now with no luck, wtf is happening? it's a major social network for f*** sake.

And what's worse there is no way to send support mail, their "Contact US" page only has options for existing users..

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    Pretty sure Elon don't want you to register....
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    Why sign up though? Just don't use it~
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    Well, it is Twitter. I have a Twitter account which is in restricted mode since creation with no way to fix that. It is the perfect reminder of the state of big "tech" where the tech part is the massive scaling of botched software.
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    @melezorus34 Well surprisingly I never understood the concept of twitter so far so I've never had the need to use it, but recently saw that many developer related stuff are being tweeted, so I've decided to signup.

    But not being able to signup?? My Manager goes on rampage if we have a bug in our signup flow...
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    One time, Twitter locked my account thinking it was a spam account when it was an account used for legit content marketing for an accounting firm. Tried to appeal by sending message to their customer service reps and they never responded, and this was part of their appeal process. Absolute joke!
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    That's why i use nitter
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    Haha you are a bot
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    @catgirldev right. To give Elon an accurate amount of active users. Forcing a phonenumber on users is the worst practise ever and i will never use any service like that. (excluding messangers)
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