How it should be:
- First: solve the problem
- Second: Write your code.

How many people do:
- First: Write code
- Second: solve code problems
- Third: Adapt code with requirements
- Forth: get lost on your spaghetti code
- Sixth: make a suicide

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    - Seventh: come back as a zombie & bother everyone.
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    What happened at fifth that made him decide this?
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    - Fifth: Travel back in time and do 6th before this
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    Employ TDD or BDD and see your issues die :>
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    I'm trying to covert from the latter to the former. It really makes more sense once you experience the process, it's just hard to change your mindset to not try to write the code first.
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    Is Forth a pun?
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    Actually I just did this for Code Sprint:

    1. Read the problem
    2. Go WTF
    3. Try to decipher the problem
    4. Think about a solution
    5. Give Up

    In the real world, I actually do a mix but make sure my own code is clean enough so I avoid killing myself.

    However, whenever I read and have to fix other people's code, I feel like turning into a murderous maniac.
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    yes, forth. (from a fellow catlang enthusiast :p)
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