Mongodb CEO and the developer who build this shit for brains interface should be tarred and feathered. Almost 90minutes in and I cannot connect to anything other than error codes. What in the actual fuck is your job other than to make it difficult for a "free tier" user to connect?

Oh ok another 20 minutes of work and you give me a bland beige error code like "```TLS/SSL is disabled. If possible, enable TLS/SSL to avoid security vulnerabilities.```"... um ok how do I enable it for your site, your database or on my computer... oh wait you don't say shit do you?

So now I'm fully 81 minutes into this shit show and all I get for error codes are these really descriptive gems 'getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND cluster0.hudbd.mongodb 'dot' net` comes up if I choose `mongo` with "connection string scheme" above it or `bad auth : Authentication failed'

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    Ok so 1 1/2 hour with a new type if db and you are angry of the devs that it does not work?

    Who setup the db? If it was you I would say you need to read up more on the setup and if it was someone else you might want to ask them.

    I have worked with mongodb a few times the last ~12 years and never really had any problem once I had it setup correctly.
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    @Voxera I followed word for word the instructions they gave from the advertisemet. No code needed, no devops engineer nothing.

    As it turns out each instance I setup, crashed, three times, the fourth time I went thru it from scratch... stalled... so I slammed my forhead against the keyboard... and it works now. Using their mongo atlass or compass app to connect to a "free tier" instance.
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    Cue docker.
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    You just officially suck at your job. That’s what it is. When I first worked with MongoDB I could get it up and running in a matter of minutes. RTFM.
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    @100110111 same though, no magic involved
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    @paintstoned ok, was this their cloud service?

    That one I have not tried, only used on prem installations.
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    Few years ago, i learn MongoDB just to run private WoW server.

    I had 0 issues setup folowing tutopriel and than having fun changing values :)
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