a bet:
this birthday, i will get:
lemon glutenfree cake (if any) because mom can't have gluten and sister likes lemon cake. i hate both of those. but that's irrelevant as it always was.

if any, then gifts will be anything except cigarettes which is basically the only thing within price range they're willing to spend, that i would actually be happy about.

birthday is just an artificially glorified ordinary day. and i'm not the type to do hysterics to artificially glorify it. and it's fine. but then, why are they artificially glorifying it while unwilling to actually glorify it properly, as in, glorify it for me?

pick fucking one. artificially glorify it, in which case, FOR ME, or just don't give a fucking shit same as i don't.

but why are you artificially glorifying it for the purpose of ignoring me and glorifying everything exactly in spite of me, without even being aware that you're doing that?

like seriously, what? make your "i love not you, but my daughter" day, as an extra to her birthday. i don't give a shit, i'm happy you have a nice relationship. but doing all of the "i love my daugther day" shit on my birthday, AND PRETENDING IT WAS DONE FOR MY BIRTHDAY, FOR ME, and being sad about me being sad that all you did "for me" was in fact for yourself and for everyone else, that's the combo that gets me.

"oh why u making me so sad by being so sad that i ignored everything you like and kept telling me you like for the past X years and i just ignored it because it's not my nor your sister's preference?"

guess why, you fucktard. how about you ignore the day next time instead of making it an unconscious (that's the worst, that they don't even realize it) mockery of the day.

"oh why are you sadand shitty feeling that we made this bullshit ignorable "celebrate you" day about ignoring everything that celebrates you, and made it into the opposite instead? why are you so demanding and cruel?"

go have a walk with your beloved daughter and please ignore me as you always do.
just leave me the fuck alone.

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    yeah i'm a manbaby with unsolved mommy issues, boohoo me silly child, i'm aware, go fuck yourself
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    damn that hurts by proxy.
    Cheers to you and your birthday
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    @Midnight-shcode if it helps, I think birthdays are overrated crap days.

    I want to beat the fucking crap out of everyone who tries to be nice and happy _solely_ for the reason it's my birthday.

    Reason I go on vacation for my birthday.

    Pull the plug from the phone etc.

    Full _world can fuck off mode_.
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    last birthday i met my girlfriend the whole day in an other city.. Was the first birthday i wasnt at home and not bored or cringed. This year my bday falls on a monday. Well f.
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